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​WNS Series Full-automatic Gas Condensing Steam Boiler
Based on the study results of analyzing and summing up the relationship between water vapor condensing efficie

Product Information

    Based on the study results of analyzing and summing up the relationship between water vapor condensing efficiency in flue gas and smoke discharging temperature, relation between condensation and heat efficiency, and the corrosion rate of water condensing on different kinds of steel, by reasonable design of heating surface, the Sunhouse full-automatic gas condensing steam boiler greatly reduces the gas exhausting temperature, ensure the water vapor in flue gas reaches the condensation rate of the design requirements, absorbs and uses the sensible heat in flue gas and latent heat of vaporization released during water vapor condensation, thereby greatly improve the thermal efficiency of boiler.
Working Principle
    The gas exhausting temperature is one of the basic parameters of the boiler. Select lower temperature can reduce the gas exhausting loss of boiler. It is for good of improving the boiler thermal efficiency. If the gas exhausting temperature lowered to a certain level, the overheating water steam in flue gas condenses and releases latent heat of vaporization.
Performance characteristics:
    1. Highly remarkable energy-saving effect. Calculated by low heating value of fuel, the thermal efficiency is more than 100%.
    2. More environmentally protective, as the harmful components in the flue gas dissolved in the condensed water, which effectively reduces emissions and improves the emission index.
Structural Features
    The boiler is in all wet back structure, overall in compact layout and with elegant appearance. The external integrated finned tube economizer and the external freestanding condenser are compact in structure and convenient for maintenance.
    The variable-frequency water supply and control technologies used can ensure the condensation rate of the water vapor in the flue gas. The use of the “sulfuric acid dew point corrosion-resistant” special steel by the condenser can greatly increase the service life.
    The combination of the programmable logic controller (PLC) and touch screen and the mounting of buttons can realize a manual and automatic intelligent control system.
    The setting of the all-around online assistance, the multilevel Chinese popup menus and the fault maintenance guide greatly facilitate the operation and maintenance of users.
    The full safety interlocking protection can ensure the boiler to run in a safe and efficient manner.
    The sufficient reserved ports and building-block type expansion modules of the programmable logic controller (PLC) can achieve group control, remote monitoring and building monitoring, thus reducing overlapping investment in development of users’ special requirements.
    Multiple boilers are used through networking, and the operation units of boiler can be automatically selected and load of each boiler can be automatically distributed without having to set the main control console.
Distinct advantages
    Fin-type condensing heat exchanger effectively reduces the exhaust gas temperature.
    Finned tube of ND material is used in the condensation energy-saving device so as to prevent the sour corrosion of the condensation water of the smoke, which, compared to the bare tube, has a heat transfer efficiency of over twice of that of straight tube.
    40% electric energy is saved through use of the variable-frequency continuous water supply and control.
    40% electric energy is saved and the operation noise is reduced through use of the variable-frequency proportional combustion technology.
    Harmful gases in the flue gas are effectively controlled and flow to the neutralization pond with the condensate.
    The boiler water inlet system is configured by the manufacturer uniformly, which is simple and beautiful and saves installation cost.
Characteristics of the condenser
    The energy-saving device is made of ND steel finned tube in order to prevent the sour corrosion with a heat transfer efficiency of higher than the smoke condensation.
Compared to the bare tube, the spiral finned-tube with a heat transfer efficiency of over twice higher is used, while the size and weight are reduced to 1/2.
    Its service life is prolonged by the anticorrosive DN steel material.  The device is assembled in the top of the boiler, which reduces the space occupied; and the condensation water generated on the heat transfer surface can be naturally discharged.
    The water inlet and outlet valves must be normally open during the use of the boiler.