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F.C.D Gas (Oil)-fired Condensation Water Boiler
With thedepletion of nonrenewable resources,the rapidly increased energy pricesandthe state’s increasing atte

Product Information

    With the depletion of nonrenewable resources, the rapidly increased energy prices and the state’s increasing attention on the environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, Sunhouse, successfully developed a "full smart" series of condensing gas water boiler on the bases of introducing the Europe's leading technology. The energy utilization efficiency of the boiler has been improved a lot and reached more than 102%. It has created many patents, such as the variable cross-section of smoke flow heat transfer technology, embedded touchscreen control system and a new integrated gas condensate water boiler, etc. 
Smart Heat Supply, Efficiency & Economic
    When the total heating demand is bigger than the single gas-fired boiler’s heat supply, multiple parallel boilers can be used for automatic control by computer, and standby for each other. If a gas boiler failed, the computer can automatically start other gas boiler to ensure continuous heating supply.
    Gas boiler control system also can control the number of boiler’s to adapt the change of heat load according to the change of outdoor temperature, realize the "on-demand heating", and ensure that each gas boilers are in full load operation condition to embody the design of heat efficiency.
Ultimate Protection, Safety and Security
    The design of horizontal center back combustion two return stroke wet back smoke pipe structure can effectively solve the problem of dry burning of back tube plate.
    The condenser adopts "sulfuric acid dew point corrosion resistant low" steel ND (09CrCuSb) which can greatly improve the service life.
    Equipped with color LCD touch screen controller, which can realize the automatic operation at the given water temperature during operation time, and also have the below multi-level protection functions, such as temperature excursion, water supply stops, overload, ignition failure, abnormal flameout, boiler pressure and gas leakage, gas pressure self-inspection etc., to ensure the safe operation of boiler.
    Multi-boiler operation is in a parallel independent system, and the boilers standby for each other, for which, any boiler’s failure would not affect the normal operation of system, and can provide persistent heat demand.
Top Technology, National Patent
    Sunhouse successfully developed a "full smart" series of gas-fired condensing hot water boiler on the bases of introducing the European leading technology. The energy utilization efficiency of the boiler has been improved a lot and reached more than 102%. Create many patents exclusively, such as the variable cross-section of smoke flow heat transfer technology, embedded touch screen control system and a new integrated gas condensate water boiler etc.
Superior Quality and Outstanding Energy Efficiency
    The use of flue gas condensation recovery technology can reduce exhaust gas temperature and the heat loss of exhaust gas, at the same time, make full use of and recycle the water vapor condensing heat in flue gas, and improve the boiler thermal efficiency close to 102%.
    The big chamber radiation heating surface enlarge the heating area, thus can make full use of efficient thermal radiation heat transfer method. High-efficient thread smoke tube, spoiler and other technology which can enhance heat transfer have strengthened the heat transfer effect.
Built-in integrated finned tube condenser with more compact structure and ensure its condensation effect.
Clean Combustion, Green Environmental
    The design of large furnace pipe center backdraft design can make sufficient and complete combustion to reduce the smoke emissions. The harmful components in the smoke will be dissolved in the condensate water which can effectively reduce emissions, and increase the emission target. Thus substantially reduce soot emissions of SO2, CO2 and other harmful gas emissions.
    High combustion efficiency, low nitric oxide emissions and using the world famous imported low NOx burners to ensure the combustion efficiency are above 99%, at the same time, the emission of NOx is reduced to a minimum to meet the stringent requirements of environmental protection.
Comparison Table for the Economy of Condensing Gas-fired Boiler