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As one of the major manufacturers in boiler manufacturing sector, Hebei Sunhouse Enviromental Technology Co., Ltd. is located at Gaobeidian, intersection of Beijing(70 kilometers to the north), Tianjin(100 kilometers to the east) and next to the Xiongan district. Covering over 300 mu and with capital assets of 210 million RMB, the company has made its products not only sold well domestically in each industry and field of every municipality, province and autonomous region in china, but also exported to Holland, Denmark, South Korea, Mongolia, Southeast Asia etc.

The company has obtained Manufacture License of Special Equipment, Boiler-Grade A, Design & Manufacture License of Pressure Vessel- Category DI and DII, and still in 2001 passed ISO9001 Quality System Certification and Hebei Environmental-protection Certification and now is a member unit of China Energy Association. It has been awarded 3A Grade Credit Enterprise for 4 years in succession by Hebei branch of Agriculture Bank of China and Contract-honored & Integrity-maintained Enterprise for 6 years by Hebei Administration for Industry & Commerce. Since 1998, Huaxin(华新), subordinate brand of Xinhuaxin, has been named “Famous Brand of Hebei Province”. In 2000, Xinhuaxin won the title of “Top 10 Environmental-protection Enterprises of Hebei Province”. Since 2005, Xinhuaxin industrial boiler has been awarded “Brandname Products of Hebei” in succession. In 2007, it was named Strategic Partner of China’s 1st Energy-saving & Omission-reduction Forum and Xinhuaxin CNC Boiler was judged the Strongly Recommended Products of the Forum 2007. In 2011, Xinhuaxin was identified as Technology Research Center of Industrial Boiler Construction by Baoding, Hebei province. In 2012, Xinhuaxin was awarded “Famous Brand of Hebei Province”. In 2015, the company has been passed   ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 Management System Certification In 2016,it has been awarded 3C China Compulsory Certification and CQC Product Quality Certification. Now our company has become the transferring  base of  National Central Heating  and Industry Technology Alliance,the Environmental protection and energy saving Boiler research  center of  Xinhuaxin-ZhiGuang. The Xinhuaxin has been awarded the new demonstration base and Promotion-center of walking into Nobel academy.

Through years of practical work and active exploration, Xinhuaxin Industrial Boiler has formed its series-products dominated by 0.7MW-70MW Gas-fired, Stream and Hot-water Boiler, Condensing Boiler, 0.7MW-90MW Coal-fired Chain-grate Stream Boiler, Hot-water Boiler, 4.2MW-116MW Circulating Fluidized Bed Stream and Hot-water Boiler, 2.8MW-116MW Pulverized-coal and Hot-water Boiler, the Exhaust-Heat Boiler of Various parameters and been able to undertake manufacture order on Pressure Vessel Category I and II. As regards commercial heating, Xinhuaxin has formed its series-products of  Environmental protection and energy conservation dominated by 23KW-2100KW Solid-Fuel Numerical Control Hot-water Boiler, 60KW-2100KW Gas Numerical Control Hot-water Boiler, 12KW-600KW Regenerative Electromechanical Integrated Electric Boiler , 30KW-1920KW Electromechanical Integrated Electric Boiler and Air source heat pump unit etc that possesses exclusive intelligence property characterized by energy efficient autonomously constant temperature control, long heat source supply etc. And created multiterm proprietary technologies. In addition, Xinhuaxin and DEFRO of Poland have reached a strategic cooperation and promoted “Xinhuaxin-DEFRO” product-- Ultra - clean emissions of CNC multi-fuel Boiler.The new product can be suitable for biomass,clean coal, ultra clean emissions,energy-saving and environmental-protection. Xinhuaxin has brought in the advanced technology from DEURNE of Netherlands and Jointly launched the product of suitable for the Chinese market.The new product was named the fully premixed ultra low nitrogen silicon aluminum high efficiency condensing gas Boiler.This kind of boiler has the advantages of modularly combined , ultra-low nitrogen combustion and thermal efficiency more than 108%. As regards civilian heating, Xinhuaxin has formed its series-products dominated by 7KW-30KW Solid-fuel Cooking and Heating Type Clean Burner, 18KW-350KW Solid-fuel Clean Burning Small Atmospheric Hot-water Boiler, 0.8KW-3.2KW Regenerative Electric Heater and 20KW-35KW Gas Boiler that possesses exclusive intelligence property characterized by advanced technology, first-grade quality. 

Xinhuaxin meets the distinctive demands of customers with high-quality products and excellent service with the professional service team and perfect service mechanism the high-quality after-sale service staff who is available day & night in frontline of markets helps Xinhuaxin safeguard its users’ basic interests and also gains excellent reputation. Meanwhile Xinhuaxin has launched the strategy of implementing the cloud service and imported Internet of expert remote service system. It has included real-time and remote monitoring of the product operating status, which timely and efficient handles the abnormal factors and ensures the product work of the efficient, safe and energy saving.

“To service sincerely for the people’s happiness” as company’s core value, Xinhuaxin has always been organically combined social responsibilities and development strategy of the enterprise together. From the very beginning of the foundation until now, the company has been continuously taking part in various public-spirited activities. Particularly, in response to the the Party and our nation’s great call “to build a harmonious society”, since 2005, Xinhuaxin has integrated Di Zi Gui basic thoughts of the Confucians in China’s traditional culture into the enterprise culture. Through deep understanding and constant practice, Xinhuaxin has formed its own enterprise culture on the basis of “Kindheartedness” “Credibility & Integrity” and “Harmony”; moreover, in spreading Chinese excellent traditional culture, Xinhuaxin expects that customers would gain not only material comforts but also spiritual wealth, which can really embody Xinhuaxin’s notion that “The enterprise is derived from society, eventually it will repay the society”.